Adaptus: Robust Virus Scanner for Salesforce

Adaptus: Robust Virus Scanner for Salesforce

Alex Wong, CTO, AdaptusAlex Wong, CTO
“Since the federal government enacted the ‘Cloud First’ policy in 2010, we are seeing a myriad of government organizations adopting cloud solutions. This has increased the security risks, since a part of the infrastructure is no longer under the agency’s control,” expresses Alex Wong, CTO, Adaptus. As cybersecurity threats continue to grow rapidly, government institutions are in need of an effective security solution to defend against individuals that try to penetrate the nation’s federal and state agencies. “One of the many ways these attackers try to compromise the systems is through viruses and malware that open up holes and make it easier to gain access,” adds Wong.

To address this issue, Adaptus, a cybersecurity solutions and service provider, comes to the forefront with the industry’s first virus scanner for Salesforce®— EZProtect®, designed to protect the government from security risks. “We also support the latest cloud technologies for government by running a separate infrastructure from our commercial offering, on the AWS FedRamp certified GovCloud,” states Wong.

Fundamentally, EZProtect acts as a virus scanner for Salesforce that scans chatter files, documents, attachments, and content for harmful elements within all variations of Salesforce, including standard orgs and community portals. EZProtect is an application hosted outside of the Salesforce platform on Amazon AWS EC2 nodes and servers in the Gov Cloud Region. “The standard offering of EZProtect polls for new files every minute,” he adds. The scanning activity is visible in both the application and within Salesforce. “The polling interval is set to balance the need to scan files as quickly as possible after uploading, against the constraints of the API governor limits,” states Wong.

With EZProtect, users can effortlessly detect and delete viruses, malware, Trojans, and other malicious threats.

We are investigating ways in which we can go beyond the conventional techniques used for virus scanning

It also offers an add-on capability to scan for JavaScript content in PDFs as well as rescan existing files already present in the system to look for viruses and other threats that have been identified since the file was initially uploaded. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for government organizations to use our solution in the cloud. We are constantly improving its security features and infrastructure using the latest technologies,” asserts Wong.

Adaptus’ EZProtect has helped clients in the government and financial markets to overcome their biggest security challenges. One of Adaptus’ clients needed a virus scanner to address a major security risk for its Salesforce users. With the implementation of Adaptus’ EZProtect, the client was able to secure its customers in the Salesforce ecosystem by protecting them against malware, phishing, and Trojans. “Currently, we are investigating ways in which we can go beyond the conventional techniques used for virus scanning and identify potential threats, before they wreak havoc to the organization’s infrastructure,” affirms Wong.

Adaptus is constantly adapting to exceed its customers’ expectations. “We firmly believe that our customers are the key to staying ahead of the competition,” asserts Wong. “We not only keep a close eye on the competition, but also maintain close relationship with our customers to understand their current and future needs to align our roadmap with their industry.”

Forging ahead, the company is looking to enhance EZProtect beyond virus scanning to include other security auditing capabilities and serve the highly-regulated markets such as healthcare and financial services that are vulnerable to attacks. “Once we have addressed the needs of the domestic market we will then expand to international markets,” concludes Wong.