Forum Systems: Comprehensive Suite of Security Solutions for Governments

Forum Systems: Comprehensive Suite of Security Solutions for Governments

Mamoon Yunus, CEO, Forum systemsMamoon Yunus, CEO
Today, government and business enterprises are molding their working models to make data and applications accessible on mobile, cloud and support Internet of Things (IoT) systems. In the digital economy, the application programming interface (API) forms an integral part of the business development irrespective of the industry. However, API gateway is also one of the most critical and complex elements of an infrastructure that need to meet the security challenges head-on. The growing need of automation, efficient documentation, tighter security policies, scalability, reliability, monetization and more importantly prevention of sensitive data from misuse has also increased the demand for effective and innovative API Security Management solutions. Specializing in API and Cloud Security Technology, Forum Systems, offers mission-critical, enterprise-class scalable solutions for high-end modern-day cyber security. Considering that the backend system lies bare via APIs for exploitation by various vectors of hackers, Forum Systems delivers comprehensive solutions for a reliable and secure infrastructure.

With an industry presence for more than 14 years, Forum System offers effective protection against security lapses and ensures compliance to federal and state governments. The company strives to extend its services to customers for secure enterprise transactions and business communications for data exchange. With the global war against the rise of terrorism across the world, the governments are ensuring that sensitive information reaches the right person by using XML technology in their IT designs.

Forum Systems delivers a suite of security and network products that meets the requisites of the government for XML Gateway, FTP Gateway, SOA Gateway, Mobile Gateway and Identity Gateway. “Our Information Assurance Solutions (IAS) allows government agencies to enforce best practices for information sharing, decision making and collaborative activities,” explains Mamoon Yunus, CEO, Forum Systems. The company lays down strict guidelines for government employees and partners to deliver powerful functionalities for leading-edge security.

Our Information Assurance Solutions (IAS) allows government agencies to enforce best practices for information sharing, decision making and collaborative activities

The firm’s seamless security solutions architecture follows an adaptive approach to shield future architectures offering service and data-level networks with the aid of corresponding security mechanisms. Employing the federally funded, Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Federal Network Resilience (FNR), the company helps to improve and automate network monitoring capabilities, studies critical security-related information and lowers risks involved in decision making at the Federal enterprise level. The CDM offers solutions to DHS, Federal departments and agencies, state, local, regional, and tribal governments. In addition to this, Forum Sentry API Security Gateway solves the challenges of secure transfer, data privacy and integration assurance with cryptographic driven processing, dynamic encryption and decryption of information.

Discerning a difference in the industry, Forum Systems take pride in extending these services at affordable rates along with keeping their main focus on the gateway technology unlike other vendors in the industry with customer support models. “The Forum Sentry API Security Gateway is the industry’s only FIPS 140-2 and NIAP NDDP certified API Security Gateway purpose-built to provide a Tier 0 architecture product technology,” adds Yunus.

Meeting high standards of industry satisfaction, the company strives in aggregating information securely and at scalable speeds. Leading the firm of numerous award-winning, robust and leading-edge web services security products, Yunus, is determined to bring unparalleled value to his customers with innovative solutions in cyber security space. The company looks forward to continue its aggressive pursuit of modernization and innovation for active protection while data exchange, 100 percent deployment success and real-time security solutions.