Paramount Defenses: Identifying Privileged Access Users in Active Directory

Paramount Defenses: Identifying Privileged Access Users in Active Directory

Sanjay Tandon, Founder & CEO, Paramount DefensesSanjay Tandon, Founder & CEO
Today, one of the biggest problems that large organizations face is the presence of a potentially large and unknown number of privileged access users in their foundational Active Directory deployments. Active Directory is the focal point of privileged power and administrative delegation in a Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructure, and thus the core of privileged access in most organizations worldwide, including in almost all U.S. federal and state agencies.

Paramount Defenses, an innovative U.S. cyber security company, led by former Microsoft Program Manager or Active Directory Security, develops innovative cyber security privileged access audit solutions that help organizations worldwide precisely and easily identify privileged users in Active Directory environments. “Since 100 percent of all major recent cyber‐security breaches, including the Snowden and the OPM Data breach, involved the compromise and misuse of a single Active Directory privileged user account, the need to know exactly who has what level of privilege in an organization’s foundational Active Directory is paramount to cyber security today. Our unique solutions help our clients instantly and precisely identify, audit, minimize, and thus adequately protect the number of privileged access users in their network, thereby significantly reducing cyber security risk,” begins Sanjay Tandon, Founder and CEO, Paramount Defenses.

The company’s flagship product, the Gold Finger, is unique in its ability to be able to determine effective permissions/ access across an entire Active Directory domain, within minutes, at the touch of a button, and reveal in terms of administrative tasks, exactly who is delegated what administrative access, where and how in an organization’s Active Directory. “Gold Finger embodies our innovative, patented effective access assessment technology and fully automates the determination of effective access across an entire Active Directory deployment,” added Tandon.

Gold Finger’s unique, patented Microsoft‐endorsed effective access assessment capabilities empower organizations worldwide to precisely audit effective access in Active Directory environments

With Gold Finger, clients can also audit account states, group memberships, Kerberos token‐sizes, security permissions, effective permissions as well as administrative delegations in Active Directory. Perhaps what makes Gold Finger so attractive to so many organizations worldwide is its ease of use. Each report in the tool suite can be generated at a button’s touch and the tool itself can be downloaded, installed and run in under two‐minutes on any machine, and without requiring administrative privileges.

This best‐of‐breed cyber security solution from Paramount Defenses has been utilized by many business and government organizations worldwide, including the U.S. Federal Government, state government agencies, the British, Canadian, Australian and other governments, as well as many Fortune 100 companies and other corporations in six continents worldwide. “At Paramount Defenses, we focus on applying our unique strengths toward building highly innovative cyber security solutions that not only address the world’s most important cyber security challenges, but also help solve them easily and efficiently,” adds Tandon.

Paramount Defenses has invested over half a decade in the Research and Development of its unique, innovative effective access assessment technology that is embodied in the Microsoft‐endorsed Gold Finger Suite of Active Directory Audit Tools. “Strategically, we look forward to empowering organizations worldwide precisely audit effective access across their networks, so that they can easily attain and maintain least‐privileged access, the bedrock of security, across in their networks,” concludes Tandon.