PM America: Robust Security Practices in a Connected World

PM America: Robust Security Practices in a Connected World

Dr. Arjuna Rajaguru, President & CEO, PM AmericaDr. Arjuna Rajaguru, President & CEO
"Security is a journey, and it needs a clear roadmap,” says Arjuna Rajaguru, president and CEO of PM America. People, process, and technology must work together to maximize effectiveness when it comes to protecting sensitive data and assets. Meeting this goal means that the enterprise architecture must be aligned with the business needs so that decisions and enforcement are consistent throughout the IT environment. With an expertise of over a decade in the IT consulting field, PM America is committed to helping organizations plan, build, and run successful cybersecurity programs. The company translates customers’ business and security vision into effective enterprise transformation by planning and supporting a structured and coordinated activity to secure resources, enhance the continuous flow of information, and ensure continuity in the face of any change. “By creating, communicating, and optimizing the key security requirements, principles, and operating models, we help evolve our customers’ organizations to attain a better future state,” says Rajaguru.

Spurred by a vision to blend best-in-class technology and expert consulting services, the company has evolved with the industry, all while carrying forward its heritage of cyber security excellence. From running workshops to full security assessments, technology installations and upgrades to major architecture design and implementation, PM America‘s unique approach, depth, and breadth of offerings, coupled with its highly skilled team help organizations build strong security practices in a more connected world. “Our diverse and talented employees partner with enterprise-class organizations to provide a comprehensive suite of products, services, and solutions that enable businesses, governments, and educational institutions to operate more successfully and securely,” says Rajaguru.

As a pure-play IT security solutions provider, PM America offers ICDI (“I Can Do It”) IT Training, including IT certification training for CompTIA certifications, IT security certification training, CISCO certification training and Project Management training for PMP. PM America sets the world standard for effective hands-on IT security and project management training, under the guidance of expert instructors, with 20 plus years of real-world experience. The company has offered its IT security and privacy support services to numerous federal agencies such as U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In one instance, a federal customer faced a violation of the Government and Department policy for prohibited internet access by one of their employees. The customer required PM America to help them perform Digital Forensics analysis to prove the case of violation of policy. PM America’s Digital

Forensics experts performed the recovery and investigation of material found in the suspect’s digital devices. Based on PM America’s Digital Forensics analysis report that provided the customer with all evidence, such as the dates and timings of the suspect’s access to various prohibited adult websites, the federal customer was able to take disciplinary action against the suspect.

As the cybersecurity market is expected to undergo significant enhancements with the maturing of the cloud environment, Rajaguru says, “When it comes to cloud, security experts will need to decide who they can trust and who they can’t.” To that end, PM America is focusing on developing security guidelines for private and public cloud use as well as utilize a cloud decision model to apply rigor to cloud risks. He also points out to a new window of opportunity in application security that most enterprises don’t take advantage of because of the expense. “It’s time to figure out the right way to evaluate the value of security and the best way to explain that to the business. PM America is working on it to build a strategy for its countermeasures,” he concludes.