Securiport: Keeping the Travelers Safe and Borders Secure

Securiport: Keeping the Travelers Safe and Borders Secure

Dr. Attila Freska, COO, SecuriportDr. Attila Freska, COO
The civil aviation industry and aviation security are priority concerns for every nation and its government in ensuring stability, international trade, economic growth, and prosperity. The role of aviation is allegorical to that of the real world wide web—a network of airlines and airports—connecting people from distant countries, fostering growth for businesses, and facilitating transportation of goods and services. However, with the ever-increasing link between globalization and air travel comes increased threats to national security through terrorist attacks, hijackings of aircrafts and a multitude of other security risks which are of growing concern for governments and security agencies. “And with a large number of passengers traveling through airports every day, it is critical that immigration and security checkpoints remain equipped with the proper resources and infrastructure to identify potential risks and criminal activity,” says Dr. Attila Freska, COO at Securiport.

Keeping the loose ends of the security systems in mind, Washington D.C. based Securiport has developed its Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services (CAISS)—a comprehensive security solution that provides robust state of the art border management and immigration controls. “The CAISS utilizes advanced multi-modal biometric identification systems and proprietary analytical tools to identify possible security threats and criminal activity,” says Dr. Freska. By implementing Securiport’s CAISS, governments and airport security officials can drastically improve the performance and effectiveness of airport security checkpoints, and prevent illegal entry of suspects. Once, Securiport’s solution enabled international authorities to interdict a Senegal-based human trafficking ring, resulting in numerous criminal arrests. In addition, CAISS also assisted in the identification and arrest of an individual who belonged to a vast network of counterfeiters and was traveling with a stolen passport.

Securiport is also acclaimed for its Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS). This product incorporates technical analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance, coupled with continuous training and support for government personnel.

IICS consists of several subsystems which, when combined, provides optimal security and control. One module, Biometric Identification Systems takes care of the biometric recognition of people through comparison with multiple databases. Biometrics are captured with ultrasonic fingerprint scanners, the most reliable biometric technology available which is used in combination with iris scanning and facial recognition systems. Next in line is Securipoint’s Intelligent Information Management System (IIMS) which performs real-time profiling in order to improve aviation and border security by generating both forecast alarms on possible local and transnational criminal activities as well as profiles on potential offenders.

Dr. Attila Freska, COO, Securiport

The solutions of Securiport are leveraged by numerous government clients to improve security for all modes of border entry; i.e., airports, seaports, and land border points. “Many countries do not have a centralized immigration control system which connects data from all modes of border entry and results in opportunities for criminals to take advantage of,” says Freska. The deployment of Securiport’s IICS to all border points eliminates this common problem and provides the government with a tool with which to enhance their border security with common platform and with more accurate information on passengers entering and leaving the country.

Securiport has taken part in various events such as INTERPOL World 2015, BORDERPOL, and IATA’s AVSEC World, highlighting the loopholes in the security systems and identifying strategic measures to fill them. By taking charge at the global stage, the company intends to become a prominent leader in intelligent immigration controls and civil aviation security solutions across the world.