SureID: Military Security Provider Goes Mainstream

SureID: Military Security Provider Goes Mainstream

Justin Oberman, VP of Identity Strategy, SureIDJustin Oberman, VP of Identity Strategy
For the last 15 years, SureID has taken on the challenge of vetting third-party contractors and vendors for the Department of Defense with a laser focus on balancing security with efficiency. For instance, a military base contracting hundreds of vendors needs to forego onerous identity and access management processes that slow down deliveries and have a huge cost impact. “We have designed and executed a high-security process that supports a business model where defense contractors and vendors engage SureID on a per-person basis to undergo background screening and provide the credentials,” informs Justin Oberman, VP of Identity Strategy, SureID.

SureID is now taking its expertise in protecting U.S. military bases to businesses and non-profit organizations nationwide.

“A hot topic in the conference rooms of establishments today revolves around measures to counter the external threat of individuals trying to penetrate secure systems,” points out Oberman. “The onus now lies on solution providers like SureID, with enhanced military-grade capabilities, to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that address these threats.”

SureID has built a competitive end-to-end identity management solution—the SureID Certified Edge™ identity proofing solution— to automate a multitude of verification processes designed to thwart impersonators and malicious actors.

The company’s SureID Certified Edge solution is a combination of online registration, identity proofing, biometrics, ongoing criminal records monitoring, and tamper-resistant identification credentials. SureID has an online pre-registration process where a customer fills out the requisite forms to provide personal information. “We offer in-person enrollment via our SureID Registration Stations where we take photographs and capture fingerprints. This information is then reviewed as we conduct background screening and adjudication, followed by a thorough review,” adds Oberman.

Automation, speed, and security are the underlying principles on which we’ve built our SureID Certified Edge solution

The ongoing records monitoring procedure on a subscription basis includes the issuance of tamper-resistant credentials that meet all PIV-I requirements. “Automation, speed, and security are the underlying principles on which we’ve built our SureID Certified Edge solution,” emphasizes Oberman.

With an extensive track record of creating tailored solutions for some of the highest security military facilities in the world, and having managed more than 350 million certified entries, SureID promises a compelling value proposition for potential customers. By offering a unique “vendor pays” model, SureID ensures that customers are not tied down to traditional defense department procurement models.

SureID is planning a nationwide rollout of enrollment centers, a first of its kind. This will include more than 1000 retail locations later this year. Eighty percent of the U.S. population will be no farther than 20 minutes from one of these centers, all of which will be in easy-to-reach high-traffic retail locations, and will support customized enrollments based on relying party specifications.

Rollout is beginning along the West Coast and will expand eastward from there.

In addition to its new Edge product, SureID continues to cater to the verification needs of federal government contractors. SureID provides a federated solution—the SureID Personal Identity Verification-Interoperable (PIV-I) solution—to enable multifactor authentication and trusted access through a federal bridge. Issued at the highest level of identity assurance, PIV-I credentials leverage Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to create high-assurance digital identities that seamlessly integrate with an organization’s Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) and allows government contractors to achieve NIST SP 800-171 compliance. In addition to providing foolproof identity credentials for both logical and physical access systems, PIV-I enables organizations to adhere to federal guidelines such as Federated Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM).