Veriato: Bolstering Cyber Security Infrastructure Against Internal Vulnerabilities

Veriato: Bolstering Cyber Security Infrastructure Against Internal Vulnerabilities

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Pete Nourse, Chief Marketing Officer, VeriatoPete Nourse, Chief Marketing Officer
In a recent study conducted by IBM’s X-Force team, conclusive evidence for cyber threats emerging from internal sources of organizations was presented to the world. The study determined that more than two-thirds of total data breaches stemmed from insiders, in 2017 alone. Yet, only a small number of institutions had the necessary security measures in place to identify internal attacks or breaches. These statistics emphasize the idea that decision makers need to proactively monitor and analyze employee behavior at multiple communication endpoints to detect insider threats—the Achilles’ heel of companies. But, how do firms keep track of every movement or action carried out by employees to prevent internal fraud and breaches? Florida-based Veriato has the answer.

Veriato maximizes security measures and minimizes internal attacks through an integrated, end-to-end insider threat intelligence platform—Cerebral. The platform incorporates artificial intelligence-powered (AI) User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), User Activity Monitoring (UAM), and Data Breach Response (DBR), creating a comprehensive security stance against potential breaches. While UEBA observes and tracks employee actions on network endpoints to precisely locate threat origins, UAM provides endpoint video monitoring functionalities. These modules trace movements as precise as a cursor on a screen, allowing firms to oversee employees’ activities. “The blend of UEBA and endpoint video monitoring technology to study and observe anomalies makes Cerebral a unique insider threat intelligence platform,” mentions Pete Nourse, chief marketing officer at Veriato.

Cerebral protects sensitive information stored on personal computers (PCs), Macs, Android devices and Windows Servers, deployed by thousands of businesses worldwide. “We help firms realize that people are the weakest link in a security chain, and internal threats can originate from inadvertent contract employees, ex-employees, or partners with malicious intent.

The blend of UEBA and endpoint video monitoring technology to study and observe anomalies makes Cerebral a unique insider threat intelligence platform

By utilizing Cerebral, companies can address these vulnerabilities on both physical and virtual endpoints,” says Nourse.

Organizations can leverage Cerebral to immediately alert their security team in case of an internal attack. Once notified, security agents can utilize the video monitoring and Playback feature to review footage showing employees’ actions such as opening files, downloading data, or surfing the internet. These features enable security officials to gain a decisive understanding of threat notifications and take action to mitigate an attempted attack in just a few minutes. It allows officials to collect concrete evidence, which may prove significant for legal or criminal investigations against corrupt employees. “With Cerebral, decision makers need not draw forensic reports, attempt to decode network data or ‘document movement anomalies.’ The platform empowers firms to take action themselves and respond to malicious activities without delay,” explains Nourse.

Equipped with such distinctive functionalities, Cerebral has helped a myriad of companies in winning hundreds of civil as well as criminal law suits. In one instance, Veriato assisted a client in acquiring stolen intellectual property (IP) worth 400 million dollars. Similarly, in another association with a long-standing partner, Veriato played a crucial role in taking legal action against an employee conspiring to steal their IP technology with an international accomplice. Using the screen capture and Playback feature from Cerebral, the client could successfully prosecute the employee and save their IP from getting compromised.

Veriato many customer success stories since its inception in 1998. Moving ahead, the company has built a progressive roadmap for enhancing Cerebral’s merits and functionalities to minimize internal threats and emerge as a leading insider threat intelligence firm across the globe.