Top 10 Security Solution Companies - 2016
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Top 10 Security Solution Companies - 2016

From big data to mobile and social media, the 21st century has ushered a variety of innovative technologies that can help the government sector to better serve their constituents. However, unlike other businesses, organizations in the government sector face a more challenging reality while implementing today’s “vast” infrastructures: a strong threat to data security.

This brings a number of important questions to the forefront—the issue of serving a population that is increasingly dependent on technology and leveraging the huge amount of data generated to better serve the public, while maintaining data security.

To address these issues, there are a number of security solution providers that draw upon large client base and best practices to help the government sector. These providers also assist government agencies keep pace with the rapid technology changes while helping them stay compliant and secure.

In this scenario, to help CIOs and CEOs find the right security solution provider, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, analysts and the Government CIO Outlook’s editorial board has selected top players from over 300 solution and service providers.

In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the complex security landscape. We present to you Government CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Security Solution Providers 2016”

    Top Security Solution Companies

  • Accellion enables government agencies to securely access, create, edit and share information—wherever work takes them

  • Provides a dynamic deceptive technology to detect and defend against cyber threats

  • Provider of remote field communication and information technology solutions to aerospace and government

  • Specializing in API and cloud security technology, the company offers scalable and reliable business solutions for high-end security and secure infrastructure

  • Paramount Defenses uniquely empowers organizations to precisely identify and minimize privileged access users in their foundational Active Directory deployments

  • Securiport specializes in the design and implementation of passenger biometric recognition, immigration processing, and intelligent information reporting and management systems

  • Skybox gives security management and operations the tools they need to eliminate attack vectors and safeguard business data and services every day

  • A provider of high-assurance identity management programs and services that create secure environments for military, government, nonprofit, and commercial organizations

  • Provides cyber security, secure mobility, and identity management solutions to empower and protect the most security-conscious enterprises

  • Provides Identity Access Management, Multi-factor Authentication, and Critical Response Management solutions to enable government assure a safer environment to the public