Top 10 Security Solution Companies - 2020
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Top 10 Security Solution Companies - 2020

One of the marvelous things about entering a digital era is the fact that today, one can access data, networks, and devices from miles away. However, this has also exposed organizations to innumerable cybersecurity threats and data breaches that are damaging operations and disrupting business. To mitigate these emerging risks, many technology solutions and service providers are leveraging technologies like cloud-based security platforms, advanced end-to-end data encryption devices, and many others. With cloud-based security solutions, for example, companies are now able to reduce the cost of business, improve protection performance, and acquire higher threat intelligence.

Additionally, organizations are also on top of technologies such as AI and big data, which enable them to improve the confidentiality, privacy, and authentication of sensitive data and networks. Steps such as expanding multifactor authentication, increasing cyber awareness, and setting up protective policies continue to be taken up by the businesses. That being said, while the first line of defense remains— well-configured devices, firewall, and rigorous password policies—a shift to blockchain encryption is also emerging. With its decentralized and distributed network structure, blockchain makes it unfeasibly hard for hackers to break into its networks and exfiltrate it or corrupt it.

As a multitude of these applications is set to nurture the growth of security space, Govt CIO Outlook has compiled a list of leading security solution providers to guide the organizational leaders in harnessing the power of the technology to tackle today’s privacy and security challenges, and increase efficiencies. To further substantiate this transformation, CIOs working in the cybersecurity realm have also penned down their insights on the use of several emerging technologies that have the potential to bring innovation into the space. We hope this issue of the Govt CIO Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a safe working environment.

We present to you Govt CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Security Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Security Solution Companies

  • Driven by the enterprise security needs, C Spire provides solutions for data privacy with its Security-as-a-Service model that covers email protection to vulnerability management and multiple authentication solutions for complete protection of network. C Spire's cloud-powered security tools fully integrate software solutions, security operations, and monitoring into a unified solution that keeps resources secure and compliant. the company monitors, analyzes, and protects networks with intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, web application, and log management solutions. C Spire also delivers customer-inspired, nationwide wireless network services, business solutions, and 1 Gbps Fiber to the Home Internet/HDTV/VoIP

  • Exeter has an extensive track record of success in government and the private sector with over 200 years of combined successful executive management experience in supporting government clients. Exeter’s team of experts supports organizations via its cybersecurity, software development, and systems integration services. These services are all powered by Exeter's culture, centered on attracting superior staff and ensuring that they retain them. From national-level policy efforts, agency-wide implementations of the Risk Management Framework to cyber support of individual programs across all classification levels, Exeter brings in a complete range of cybersecurity services

  • Gallagher offers comprehensive security and business risk management solutions through its security of security focus. With an extensive experience of 30 years in the security industry, the company delivers integrated security solutions that are designed to meet the varying needs of customers, from basic access control right through to critical sites with some of today's highest security requirements. As a Global ISO 9001 accredited electronic security solutions provider, the company serves customers in the U.S. along with global civilian agency governments and clients across the defense, utilities, transportation, corrections, education, mining, financial, and healthcare industries

  • Ident Solutions is the leader in creating cutting edge, proprietary security technology. The company specializes in software that gives real-time, actionable intelligence with instant threat detection. Ident Solutions’ latest SaaS product, FedCheck Secure, is an instant mobile visitor threat detection that reveals an individual’s criminal background within milliseconds, before they have entered your facility. FedCheck fills a gap between current security processes and visitor management systems with Know Your Visitor (KYV) technology. FedCheck is more than a visitor management system, it’s security and protection at the forefront of your business

  • Iron Vine Security provides risk-based and regulatory compliant information security programs that help federal agencies and enterprises to protect their ecosystem and valuable assets. The company’s specialization rests in developing technical risk management solutions for public and private sector enterprises to assist them in securing their systems, networks, and, most importantly, sensitive data. They are also investing heavily in cyber threat intel to provide more relevant and contextualized intelligence so that the clients can be more proactive while managing the security of their systems

  • Locklizard provides document security and copy protection for PDF files and documents, ebooks, reports and training materials - protecting intellectual property from unauthorized use and misuse. Locklizard provides a Secure PDF Viewer that can be installed on any device running Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. If users don’t want to install a Viewer, they can view protected documents from a Web browser with Safeguard Web Viewer or on a USB stick with a portable secure USB Viewer. The company is the premier provider of document security products that control document access and use, regardless of their location

  • SPYRUS has a software platform called SEMS (SPYRUS Enterprise Management System) that manages and secures the endpoints and the data they house. Identifying the desirable endpoints and network, SPYRUS protects the data at rest and data at motion. Moreover, the platform provides visibility into a network by giving a complete picture of activities in terms of files accessed, modified, copied, or downloaded from any and all endpoints. The platform, with the SPYRUS NcryptNShare application, manages endpoint enabling enterprises to ensure access permission is limited to only qualified users

  • CyberRisk Solutions

    CyberRisk Solutions

    Cyberrisk is a renowned Enterprise Risk Management solution provider whose approach drives business processes and manages information risk while protecting the enterprise and its People, Processes, Technology and Facilities. The company focuses on designing a risk strategy, architecturing the governance, risk and compliance policies, staffing for IT and Technology along with performing daily monitoring and other security operations. Cyberrisk's unique take on dealing with issues start from a foundational level and it developed into flexible, right customer-specific security solutions solely designed on the unique requirements

  • Formogic


    An enterprise security solution provider, Formogic, develops innovative ways to solve Information Security, Governance, Risk, Management, and compliance management challenges across all segments of the enterprise. The endpoint security service incorporates information security, network security, advanced data protection, forensics and remote access VPN for end-to-end protection. Formogic unmasks the flaws of the security system with specific testing methods that determine the vulnerabilities of the system and prioritize it according to the type of threat. The company extends the perimeters of the customer by increasing the attack surface, and provide access in public spaces

  • Synack


    Based in Redwood City, California, Synack is a security company revolutionizing how enterprises view cybersecurity: through a hacker’s eyes. Synack’s private, managed hacker-powered security solution arms clients with hundreds of the world's most skilled, highly vetted ethical hackers who provide a truly adversarial perspective to clients’ IT environments. Being the ultimate crowdsourced security platform, Synack provides comprehensive penetration testing with actionable results and continuous security scaled by skilled ethical hackers and AI technology. The company works for a chance to unite technology and human intelligence in another kind of handshake that will revolutionize cybersecurity based on trust