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Blue Ridge Networks: Pioneering an Era of Resilient Cybersecurity

John Higginbotham, Chairman & CEO , Blue Ridge NetworksJohn Higginbotham, Chairman & CEO
Organizations worldwide are contending with a tsunami of damaging cyber breaches. Endpoints and networks are being bombarded with an endless stream of cyber-attacks in many forms, such as malware, phishing, authentication attacks, application attacks, ransomware, weaponized documents, and others, exploiting vulnerabilities inherent in conventional cybersecurity approaches.

Government and commercial organizations are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars per-year, per-endpoint to try to maintain a viable cybersecurity posture in the face of this onslaught. Most rely on maintaining systems and software to be able to detect and identify a compromise when it occurs with a rapid response to patch a vulnerability or minimize damage from a successful attack. But achieving an “ops-tempo” with this approach that reliably matches that of the cyber threat environment has been elusive at best. Protection is only as good as the last patch which, by definition, lags the pace of an escalating flood of cyber-attacks designed to evade typical cybersecurity protections.

Blue Ridge solutions offer a markedly different new layer of defense for enterprise network operations and endpoints to eliminate exposure to unknown vulnerabilities. By protecting at the network edge, Blue Ridge cybersecurity enhancements ensure that critical network operations and endpoint processes are guarded from the “outside-in.”

BorderGuard solutions enable pre-authorized network sessions from users or endpoints by creating cryptographically isolated trusted enclaves that are undiscoverable and impenetrable from external access. This proven capability effectively and affordably isolates critical enterprise operations from IT vulnerabilities that addresses the challenge of securing the OT-IT interface.

Trusted enclaves of critical network operations are essentially “cloaked”– you can’t hack what you can’t see. This protection approach is extended to endpoint breach prevention in the award winning AppGuard software that isolates critical application processes on endpoints eliminating their vulnerability to undetectable threats without the need for security patches.

“The most frequent comment from our customers is that our stuff just works,” states John Higginbotham, Blue Ridge Networks Chairman & CEO. “Our solutions reliably and efficiently prevent breaches that are undetectable and unstoppable by other methods from occurring in a network or on an endpoint. They do this without requiring detection, scanning, updates, or patches. Their resilience is field proven over 20 years of protecting critical operations from cyber-attacks without a single reported breach. We offer customers a compatible layer of defense that can easily and affordably help them achieve a new level of protection for their critical operations.”

Blue Ridge is a recognized pioneer in developing and deploying effective isolation and containment cybersecurity solutions that eliminate vulnerabilities thereby preventing breaches from occurring in the first place. The company’s unique technology approach eliminates many of the complex dependencies associated with maintaining a protected posture for information assurance of critical operations. The addition of Blue Ridge’s proven capabilities to a defense-in-depth architecture delivers overall material savings in deployment and sustainment requirements in addition to a new layer of defense for reliable and resilient cybersecurity protection. “In developing our current generation of capabilities, we focused as much on the ease of use and sustainment for scalable deployment as we did on delivering effective cybersecurity. Moreover, we have worked hard to bring new virtualized and embeddable versions to extend our proven cybersecurity architecture to the IOT edge wherever it might be,” notes Higginbotham.

The company has successfully protected network and endpoint operations for a wide array of commercial enterprise and government customers. Global distribution of AppGuard has been recently expanded with the company’s joint venture partner in Japan. “We are bringing next-generation capabilities to market in partnership with sponsoring customers and channel partners to address cybersecurity challenges in banking, healthcare, energy, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) providers, Industrial IOT (IIOT) uses, and many other critical infrastructure operations,” concludes Higginbotham.