Gallagher Group: Balancing Security and Convenience

Gallagher Group: Balancing Security and Convenience

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Steve Bell, CTO, Security, Gallagher GroupSteve Bell, CTO, Security
A security platform is critical for any organization. To be more precise, putting an intelligent access control system in place is one of the most reliable ways to protect people, property, and information. But effective security doesn’t just mean managing access to high-security areas; it means delivering business continuity by ensuring people can move around a site with minimal barriers and utmost safety. As a global leader in innovation, known for their state-of-the-art security solutions, Gallagher Group stays ahead of the curve by successfully addressing the critical issues of risk management and operational efficiency. Today, the rapid proliferation of recent innovations as major trends in the security realm such as cybersecurity, mobile technology, biometrics, and shared working spaces continue to disrupt the industry more than ever. Globally acknowledged for their success in the design and manufacture of security technology, Gallagher is one of the leaders in developing effective solutions in line with these areas.

As a Global ISO:9001 accredited electronic security solutions provider with over 80 years’ experience serving the mission critical security needs of its global clients, Gallagher places a strong emphasis on research and development. Their products are WTO and TAA compliant and are listed on the GSA Approved Products List, certifying their conformance to U.S. Federal FICAM standards and FIPS 201-2. The essence of Gallagher’s success lies in the company’s team expertise and its focus on enhancing the technological prowess by incorporating the latest digital encryption security standards for guarding the government, research, and defense facilities. Whether it’s adapting the FIDO standards by joining The FIDO Alliance for more secure authentication with open standards, enhancing security measures by reducing communication gaps through an easy to use, versatile mobile app, or creating shared working spaces, Gallagher leaves no stones unturned to help organizations mitigate complex security challenges and business risks.

Our goal is to keep offering customer-centric solutions with the strongest authentication and highest level of security

Gallagher also specializes in PIV (Personal Identity Verification) solutions catering to the FICAM (Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management) requirements of federal agencies. “Our solutions are intrinsically secure and cyber defensive, and scale from a single site, to campus-wide, regional, or global enterprise deployments,” asserts Steve Bell, the CTO at Gallagher.

The company secures more than 99,000 doors and approximately 500 miles of perimeter fence line for governments worldwide. Whether securing a single door or a thousand buildings, they have the proven experience and core competency required to deliver high-assurance solutions and unique and compelling business value. Gallagher provides a holistic platform to centrally configure and manage its fully integrated access control, intruder alarm, and perimeter security solutions with its scalable “Command Centre” software. The platform features fully integrated intruder alarm management with the ability to channel all alarms from integrated systems through Command Centre for appropriate action, immediately informing security personnel of any incidents. In one instance, Gallagher’s security solution was directly involved in placing physical barriers between an active gunman and hundreds of high school students in the Harrisburg School District in South Dakota. Gallagher’s Command Centre provides the Harrisburg School District with enterprise-level lockdown controls which restrict access to buildings, control fire doors, and send notifications while providing video alerts and an audit trail. According to James Straatmeyer, the CEO of Integrated Technology & Security no other product on the market has the integration capabilities for protecting students and staff like that of Gallagher’s.

With over 10,000 clients and 11,000 sites in more than 140 countries, Gallagher’s customer portfolio includes the U.S. and global civilian agency governments and defense, critical national infrastructure, utilities, transportation, corrections, mining, financial, healthcare, and other commercial and industrial clients with demanding regulatory and compliance needs. “We believe in the value of innovation and continually develop and enhance our products to ensure we meet our customers’ changing needs. We are committed to having customers for life, and our goal is to keep offering customer-centric solutions with the strongest authentication and the highest level of security,” explains Bell.