Locklizard: Secure Document Distribution Made Easy

Locklizard: Secure Document Distribution Made Easy

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Steve Mathews, DRM Consultant, LocklizardSteve Mathews, DRM Consultant
Given the long history of copyright violations and the challenges that tag along with them, the need for efficient Digital Rights Management (DRM) security solutions are at an all-time high. DRM secured documents, however, dilapidate user experience as they are not only costly but also require users to operate on specific platforms as opposed to non-DRM secured documents. With an aim to help companies uphold the integrity of content and at the same time pave a way for users to access protected documents with ease, Locklizard, a document DRM specialist firm, takes center stage. “We offer a suite of cutting-edge document DRM security products that ensure intellectual property—be it training manuals or product documents—is not shared or compromised,” says Steve Mathews, DRM Consultant of Locklizard. The company offers government agencies and commercial organizations, across numerous verticals, the ability to control the access to and use of information through encryption, licensing and DRM controls. On the user experience front, it offers specialized secure viewers that remedy the security weaknesses in existing platforms.

Allaying the fear and confusion around the evolving regulatory requirements globally, Locklizard’s technology allows various industries to easily solve their specific content distribution challenges on different platforms. With Locklizard, large enterprises can ensure their training material isn’t compromised and there is no loss of revenue. The company’s technology supports swift and yet controlled distribution of intellectual property ensuring only the latest version of a document is circulated to authorized users.

Locklizard’s flagship product Safeguard Enterprise DRM -PDF enterprise rights management software -makes it possible for corporate enterprises and publishers to build a fortknox around their high value business documents.

Locklizard’s cutting-edge document DRM security ensures intellectual property - be it training manuals or product documents - is not shared or compromised

The software incorporates additional security to protect PDF documents, delegate sub-administrator access, lock use to locations, and track published documents. Unlike conventional DRM software, Safeguard Enterprise DRM thrives as a platform-independent solution in the marketplace. Built on the flexibility and capabilities of public distribution systems, the solution is operable in several platforms including Android, iOS, Mac and MS Windows (or any platform via a browser) with consistent viewing experience. By complying with the California Privacy Act and GDPR, the product keeps documents encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and persistently protects sensitive data from misuse. It locks PDF documents to specific devices ensuring they cannot be shared with unauthorized users, and there are no passwords for users to enter, crack, or share with others.

Locklizard document security products take just 20 minutes to get up and running. Administrators can add customer details and distribute documents to relevant users easily and securely. Unlike today’s prevalent services, which require clients to create profiles and keys, and setup infrastructures for document management, Locklizard covers all this on the client’s behalf. “We use cryptography to manage secrecy. With us, clients only have to register the license, following which, we take care of every other process related to document protection,” adds Mathews.

Having clients such as Airbus, Symantec, NASA and Cisco, Locklizard demonstrates its competence as a leader in the document DRM ecosystem. Clients use the company’s offerings to secure their IPR (confidential documents, training courses, etc.) published in PDF format. Thanks to the efficacy with which Safeguard Enterprise DRM invalidates old copies of copyright documents, companies can prevent unauthorized redistribution and reproduction at scale. Locklizard is exploring cutting-edge DRM security concepts like fragile watermarks in an effort to further improve the quality of its offerings.