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RavenTek: End-to-End Data Security

Frank Watson, President & CEO, RavenTekFrank Watson, President & CEO
Frank Watson, President and CEO of RavenTek, believes that government IT security is not as simple as “inside, outside.” “Governments are grappling to find the right place to invest scarce IT dollars to have the greatest impact on securing the environment while maintaining high level of services to customers,” says Watson. To this end, RavenTek maximizes customer investment by reviewing new technologies that provide a wide range of secure services, reducing redundant capabilities and enhancing security. “We provide secure solutions that extend from the end user endpoint all the way to the data center or cloud so that our customers are protected. Enterprise Security has significantly more front doors these days; things like Shadow IT require cutting edge new security perimeter protection services.”

RavenTek provides a complete spectrum of security programs to governments as well as commercial customers to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of critical information, systems, and networks. “We’ve built a center of excellence in our information assurance practice to support the high-grade information security requirements of civilian and defense agencies,” asserts Watson. The company’s security engineering services provide customers with boundary assessment and layered defense, security architecture reviews, and architecture and technology assessments. Working with various product vendors, RavenTek offers the latest solutions to its clients. RavenTek’s business ready solutions include endpoint security, cloud security assessment, cloud strategy consulting, and business continuity for risk management.

“Our strategy is to minimize redundant capabilities and maximize our customer’s investment,” adds Watson. RavenTek also offers advisory services revolving around information security operations including process design, user provisioning, audit management, and security awareness programs.

RavenTek has built a center of excellence in our information assurance practice to support the high-grade information security requirements of civilian and defense agencies

The company further supports national security priorities through its RavenTek Intelligence and Operation Services (RIOS) that offer a wide range of intelligence operations, surveillance, personnel security and information technology services to federal agencies worldwide.

Apart from security solutions, RavenTek assists clients with complex systems engineering projects throughout its lifecycle—from concept definition to development and implementation. The company also offers business intelligence capabilities to derive maximum value from the government data. “Our engineers provide more than assessment and technical advice. They can modify applications according to clients’ needs and design new solutions,” elucidates Watson.

“Our engineers design, implement, and maintain critical information systems that support our clients’ operational imperatives,” delineates Watson. At the same time, RavenTek operates in partnership with an Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC), which Watson cherishes. “Being personally involved in generating profit that goes directly to the Native Community where I grew up is very rewarding,” he says.

RavenTek strives to remain at the forefront of technological evolution when it comes to providing security solutions to the government. The advantage of running two lines of business—services and value added reselling—is that RavenTek can tailor a solution for customers by leveraging the latest technologies and also provide the required services and support for the long term. “It is our goal to continue to grow both sides of the business focusing on developing a center of excellence for each of our primary technology partners,” concludes Watson.