StackArmor: Cloud Cybersecurity and Compliance Experts

StackArmor: Cloud Cybersecurity and Compliance Experts

Commercial organizations are rapidly embracing commercial cloud computing services from providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure amongst others. Leading market research firms have predicted that over 60 percent of organizations in North America rely on commercial cloud services with an overall market size exceeding $200 billion. However, public sector organizations and government agencies have been slow to adopt and embrace commercial cloud services. One of the barriers to adoption has been concerns with data security and compliance with statutes and mandates that govern IT systems in a government agency.

stackArmor is a Washington DC-based cloud consulting services provider that recognizes the unique security and compliance challenges faced by government and public sector organizations. “We help government agencies ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital assets by applying well-established security standards like NIST Special Publication 800-53, to commercial cloud platforms,” said Gaurav “GP” Pal, CEO and Founder of stackArmor. “We draw on our years of government security and compliance experience with FISMA and DIACAP to ensure that government CIO’s are confidently able to adopt cloud computing services to meet their mission requirements.”

stackArmor’s security, compliance and automation engineers have encapsulated their decades of experience in supporting government clients into a pre-packaged cloud security solution called stackArmor ThreatAlertTM. stackArmor ThreatAlertTM provides a full suite of security and compliance service designed to satisfy specific security standards including NIST Special Publication 800-171, FedRAMP, FISMA, and MARS-E 2.0 amongst other standards. The solution has been successfully used by US federal agencies, state government organizations and public sector focused solution providers to meet their cloud security and compliance requirements. stackArmor ThreatAlertTM is a fully Managed DevSecOps solution that provides pre-integrated security vulnerability monitoring and remediation support covering users, applications, data, cloud configurations, containers, and code. The security stack is hosted “in-boundary” ensuring that all security and compliance software and data is running within the government agency’s cloud account as opposed to being transferred to a third-party entity. The Managed DevSecOps pipeline helps address some of the top concerns of government CIO’s—lack of end to end security and lack of trained cybersecurity professionals. stackArmor ThreatAlertTM provides an integrated service that includes tools, reports as well as cybersecurity and cloud subject matter experts performing the actual monitoring and remediation support.

stackArmor draws on its rich experience working with the NIST cybersecurity standards and supporting federal government and defense department customers for securing their systems on the cloud platforms

“We understand the unique pressures that government CIOs face and it is critical to deliver a compliant security solution that is reliable, timely, and effective at remediating security threats,” explained “GP”.

As an advanced AWS partner, stackArmor is 1 of 10 launch partners for Amazon’s Security Competency and has successfully migrated and managed complex systems on AWS for customers like Department of Defense, US government agencies and public sector organizations. “stackArmor has successfully met rigorous program requirements that are part of the Amazon Partner Network and the Security competency and our selection as a Security competency launch partner speaks to the maturity of methodology, the expertise of our engineers and happy customers,” Pal adds. “I am excited by the work the stackArmor team is doing in the area of cloud security, compliance, and automation, meeting the needs of government CIO’s. We are building on our collective experience since migrating to AWS in 2010 and innovating by reducing the cost and complexity associated with cloud security and compliance using stackArmor ThreatAlertTM.”

As DevOps adoption continues to grow manifold, stackArmor provides a special DevSecOps engineering internship program for students from different disciplines. As they are able to grow and adapt to stackArmor’s solutions, the company provides full-time opportunities for young minds to join the team.

Currently, stackArmor is bullish about the prospects of their ThreatAlertTM solution, and looks forward to enhancing its capabilities for bettering customer cloud security. The company also plans to unlock market opportunities for advanced security solutions and expand its services into artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) security arena. “Technologies including Container and Kubernetes-based security monitoring are also a part of our upcoming plans,” he concludes.

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A Well-Managed Cloud Framework Derived from a Decade Of Experience

A well-managed cloud framework developed by stackArmor to provide the best practices for the organizations.

FREMONT, CA: stackArmor, a Washington DC-based cloud consulting service provider, has developed the Well-Managed Cloud Framework based on over ten years of cloud operations experience. The firm renowned for identifying the unique security and compliance tactics for government and private sectors had its current cloud frameworks focused on migrations, landing zones establishment, and optimized hosting models provision. stackArmor’s Well-Managed Cloud framework is leveraged from the best practices from Amazon’s Well-Architected Framework, Microsoft’s Cloud Operating Model, Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), NIST, and ITIL publications. The stackArmor Well-Managed Cloud framework offers the cloud operators a significant point of view and incorporates best practices, which are built on real operational experience.
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